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i finally have nails! my nails & cuticles were so battered after vacation… so i gave myself a new set! this is my first time applying gel (not gel polish) and i think i did way better than acrylic! you can’t imagine how many tutorials i watched on how to apply gel nails… and i really took my time! i think this set took me 3 hours… i did one nail at a time because i wanted to take my time. i did use false tips as well… they were full-cover ones but i filed them down so i can also use gel to help adhere them to my nails instead of just glue. that’s why you see a bit of a shadow towards my cuticles because that’s just gel. the gel is tinted pink as well as the gel polish. i still kept my nails short because i think they look best with my short fingers. anyway, i’m really happy with this set & with practice, i’ll only get better. this will be my base for future swatches of regular polish because you only need to use non-acetone to take the polish off and it won’t eat into the gel and my nails will still look shiny & perfect when i switch out the color! i will continue to grow out my nails underneath because eventually i only want to apply a gel overlay to protect my nails. #ididthis #gelnails #gel #falsetips #gelsathome #gelnailsathome #kiaraskygelpolish #kiaraskypinkpowderpuff @kiaraskynails #tammytaylor #tammytaylornails #tammytaylorproducts #tammytaylorsoakoffgel #tammytaylornaturaldramaticpink @tammytaylornails #imnotaprofessional … via Instagram

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diving into my marionberry ice cream from Tillamook! it’s sooo yummy!!! it has pieces of graham cracker pie crust in the ice cream… and the marionberry is a blackberry hybrid! no seeds! will totally remind me of our short but sweet visit to Portland when we visited @thebeautypuzzle! 🍇🍨 #tillamookicecream #tillamook #madeinoregon #icecream #marionberry #marionberryicecream … via Instagram

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here’s a better look at the Texas @starbucks mug… i think this is what people think Texas is like when they are not from here (live or visited). years ago, someone asked me if i rode a horse to school! really?!? #starbucks #starbucksmug #starbuckstexasyouareheremug #starbucksyouareheretexas #starbucksyouarehere #starbucksyouareherecollection #youareheremug #youareherecollection #collectorsitem #mugcollection … via Instagram

on the go: Washington & Oregon vacation part 2 | prettydaysies

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

hey everyone, i’m back!!! it’s been 5 months since i made a video and i have missed it so much! i’ll talk about my hiatus in another video, but for now, here’s part 2 (of 2) of my Pacific Northwest vacation! sorry the video is so short, but it took me HOURS to make it! i had a blast and i can’t wait to go back! thank you for sticking with me while i was absent from YouTube. you guys are the best!!!

HUGE thanks to Linda & her family for being such wonderful hosts during our short visit in Portland… we can’t wait to come back!

thanks for watching! XOXO Kathleen

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i finally get the chance to try out the most coveted top coat from @glistenandglow1 as raved by my girl @lindsay_gentles and many others… it came in July’s For The Love of Polish box, which i was able to snag just in time! in addition to HK Girl, i also got the latex barrier Ctrl+Alt+Del… and a couple of beautiful polishes from new indie brands to me… a gorgeous cobalt blue scattered holo Lapis Lazuli (Minecraft, anyone?) from Polished for Days @lashesfordaysblog and a beautiful magenta raspberry pink scattered holo Pink Topaz from @illyrianpolish, which i found out is based in Houston, my home for almost 28 years before i moved to Dallas! as i told Lindsay, i’m so excited to get back into nail polish! music to her ears! 😂 #prettydaysies #glistenandglow #hkgirl #hkgirltopcoat #illyrianpolish #polishedfordays #supportindiemakers #custommade #uniquenailpolish #madewithlove #nails #nailpolish #addictedtonailpolish #nailpolishjunkie #nailpolishaddict #ilovenailpolish #ilovepolish #obsessedwithnailpolish #nailoftheday #instanails #nailsofinstagram #ignails … via Instagram

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