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ugh! i hope my hard drive isn’t dead! it would get stuck at the boot up screen at 50% no matter what i did (i read a ton of blog posts on what to do)… i’m installing Yosemite on an external hard drive so i can boot from it and then copy the files off my iMac (late 2009)… this is scary! this iMac has all my important files (photos, email, etc) that i don’t want to lose! i’m currently backing up my other iMac (late 2013) via time machine… #imac #imacwoes #imacproblems #harddrive #harddrivefailure #dontfailonme … via Instagram

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after watching @jessface90x’s live swatch video on @glitterdaze’s Radioactive Rainbow collection, i went browsing online & found out that this indie polish maker is local! woohoo! then i found that she made 2 polishes for her beloved Browny (read her blog post & bawled my eyes out) & i had to get them because of my Madison – i miss her so much! 😥 so here is what i got & i can’t wait to play with them! aren’t the boxes the cutest?!? i love them!!! (left-right: Rainbow Bridge, Browny Bear, Icing on the Cake, Ahoy, Mate Me!, Atomic Candy, Rolling in the Bay) #glitterdaze #indie #indienail #indienailpolish #nailpolish #shopglitterdaze #shopindie #shopindiepolish #radioactiverainbow … via Instagram

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fingers/skin/hands update! i’m so relieved so share that my eczema on my fingers have almost cleared up! no more bubbling! just a bit of itching due to new skin growing back. i’ve had eczema on a couple of fingers for the last few years but never experienced a flare up like this! after looking at what has changed recently, i believe i can safely say that it wasn’t the acrylics or gel nails that i’ve been wearing lately… during this time, i’ve been wearing gel polish! the only thing i can think of is when i got my car completely cleaned (so much vacuuming) and who knows what chemicals they used inside! my fingers were just fine before that… but i guess when i touched the steering wheel, something happened… must’ve been an allergic reaction! i didn’t know & didn’t wipe the steering wheel… but 2+ weeks later, my fingers are so much better! i used all these products! not every single day but i did use the cuticle oil several times a day as well as the St. Ives lotion and the Egyptian Magic (ever since i bought it)… the other products were used at different times or i grabbed for them because they were in my bag or nearby… so thank goodness for that! i also took an allergy pill daily (which i do regardless)… hopefully in a few days, everything will be back to normal & i can swatch nail polish again! #skinissues #contactdermatitis #dermatitis #handeczema #eczema #eczemasucks #eczemaproblems … via Instagram

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i made my order! i can’t wait to get them! congrats Jess & your new adventure into indie polish making! #ninezerolacquer #jessface90 #jessface90x #indiepolish #Repost @jessface90x with @repostapp.
The preview collection I made with Native War Paints is live for pre-order now!

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The Nine Zero Lacquer Preview Collection is now available for preorder! We teamed up with @jessface90x to bring you this amazing collection which is a preview to her upcoming line, @ninezerolacquer. Head over to to order now! #nativewarpaints … via Instagram