currently watching: NCIS season 12

 i’m onto the next TV show, NCIS! i love this show specifically because of the comedy relief that is DiNozzo. otherwise, i probably would not be interested in this show since i’m not one to watch a lot of political/military-based shows. i think i’ve watched every single episode of NCIS, give or take a few here and there. i’m at the point, with these long-running shows, that i don’t have to stop everything just to watch. i can glance at the TV from time to time. i prefer the original NCIS vs LA or NOLA… between LA and NOLA, i prefer NOLA, but i cannot stand Scott Bakula’s accent! it just sounds so fake… aside from that, i really enjoyed CSI: Cyber! it’s not getting a lot of good reviews on IMDB, but i like that the crimes are focused on more tech and social media/networks. it’s also nice to see Dawson Leery on TV again… and i knew i saw the newbie from somewhere! Bow Wow! i’m sure i’ve heard one of his songs (rap?) in the past, but i couldn’t tell you the name of it. and he’s a pretty good actor!

currently watching: CSI: Cyber season 1

 i finally finished CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. i wonder what kind of storyline they’ll come up with that’ll involve some of the original cast members. we’ll have wait until September to see. in the meantime, i’m starting CSI: Cyber, which i kind of didn’t want to start watching. i don’t know. i couldn’t connect to Patricia Arquette’s character when she guest-starred on CSI, but since Ted Danson’s character was going to transition there, i was like, what the hey… and then i saw that James Van Der Beek was part of this cast! makes me want to watch Dawson’s Creek all over again. Joey + Pacey 4EVA! i don’t think i even made it all the way through the last season (because i just got tired of the show, but i did watch the series finale)… same with Felicity and Smallville… but everything’s on the Internet nowadays. i’m sure i’ll do a marathon of these shows (and so many others) in the future.

currently watching: CSI season 15

 i finally finished Castle today and now i’m starting CSI season 15… it’s the last season ever! i think i’ve watched every single episode (i own at least the first 10 seasons on DVD). at first i liked Laurence Fishburne when he joined the show, but i did not like the bad guy of that season. really disturbing. however, when Ted Danson joined the show, i liked CSI again… regardless, i never stopped watching. it’s still one of my favorites. however, i never warmed up to CSI: Cyber (Ted Danson will be moving to that show). to end the series, there’ll be a 2-hour “movie” and supposedly Grissom and Catherine are going to come back. i will surely miss Nick, Greg, and Hodges. they were my favorites on the show. i would’ve loved a CSI: Seattle show since Ted Danson and Elisabeth Shue’s characters were from there.

dabbling in acrylics


part of the reason why i stopped doing my NOTDs is because i got tired of changing my nail color every single day. so in 2015, i am not going to put myself on such a strict schedule and change my polish color whenever i want… which will not be every single day. i won’t feel so pressured (pressure i put on myself) to change my polish daily and i feel i’ll actually enjoy my collection as i get to wear it for a few days. other reason is that once in a while, i fall back into the bad habit of biting or picking at my nails (and cuticles) and it did get bad at one point, but now it’s getting better… which is why you were blessed with a NOTD post! however, my thumbnails always take forever to grow and so i figured out how to remedy that.

i bought the brush-on gel nail kit from Walmart (or Walgreens) a long time ago and probably used it once. i can’t remember my experience with it, but i pulled it out the other day to look at the tips that were included with it. i didn’t want to use the full-cover falsies and knew that i had some regular tips somewhere. yesterday, i bought an acrylic fill kit from Kiss (from Walgreens), watched a few videos on how to use it, and tried it on my thumbs. pretty good first attempt, if i say so myself. they came out a bit thicker than i wanted, but i had never done this before, even though i have had acrylics plenty of times in the past. also, it was awkward to do them myself, especially when it came to applying the acrylic powder on my right thumb. at least i know what to do next time. practice makes perfect, right?

when i get more comfortable doing this, i will share a pic on Instagram… right now, i still need a few more supplies (such as a primer, which you see is missing in the picture) and i will visit a local nail salon supply store to see what i can find. at least it’s getting back into the nail painting business! and as far as i’m concerned, this does not go against my no buy! (and i’m sticking to it! LOL)

(above is the tutorial i watched on how to apply acrylic to short nails… via Naio Nails)